Creating a home that you love takes work. Each room is important and should be customized to your lifestyle. Whether you're looking to add more space, update a bathroom or kitchen, or just want something new, Butler and Associates can create the home you've been dreaming of.

Interior Projects

Each space in your home should be created the way you want and need it. Take a look at Butler and Associates have done to improve and update the spaces in these homes.


A master bath should be a sanctuary, a guest bathroom is a blessing and a powder room is convenient. Let Butler and Associates update the most important rooms in your home.

bathroom redesign 1 bathroom redesign 2 bathroom redesign 3 bathroom redesign 4 bathroom redesign 5 bathroom redesign 6 bathroom redesign 7 bathroom redesign 8 bathroom redesign 9 bathroom redesign 10 bathroom redesign 11 bathroom redesign 12 bathroom redesign 13 bathroom redesign 14


The kitchen and dining area within a home are more than just a room.It's where the family gathers, family memories, meals and plans are made. Updating and remodeling the kitchen is the best way to improve the home space and increase value.

kitchens 1 kitchens 2 kitchens 3 kitchens 4 kitchens 5 kitchens 6 kitchens 7 kitchens 8 kitchens 9 kitchens 10 kitchens 11 kitchens 12

Living Space

These living spaces are where you and your family relax, unwind, gather and entertain.

living space 1> living space 2 living space 3 living space 4 living space 5 living space 6 living space 7 living space 8 living space 9 living space 10 living space 11 living space 12 living space 13 living space 14 living space 15 living space 16 living space 17

Exterior Projects

Butler and Associates not only can create a new way to live inside, but also can build and update the outside of your home too. From landscaping to full additions...take a look!

Exterior redesign 1 Exterior redesign 2 Exterior redesign 3 Exterior redesign 4 Exterior redesign 5 Exterior redesign 6 Exterior redesign 7 Exterior redesign 8 Exterior redesign 9 Exterior redesign 10 Exterior redesign 11 Exterior redesign 12


As well as home remodeling Butler and Associates are experienced commercial contractors.

Commercial contractors 1 Commercial contractors 2 Commercial contractors 3 Commercial contractors 4

Whole Home Remodels

Need one room remodeled? Why not do the whole home? Take a look at our whole home remodel gallery.

Lower Merion

Lower Merion 1 Lower Merion 2 Lower Merion 3 Lower Merion 4 Lower Merion 5 Lower Merion 6 Lower Merion 7 Lower Merion 8


Wyndmore 1 Wyndmore 2 Wyndmore 3 Wyndmore 4 Wyndmore 5 Wyndmore 6 Wyndmore 7